The 'Leafu' Recipes

Leafcurd does not dissolve but if ground reasonably fine will go into suspension.

Adding leafcurd later in a recipe will tend to keep it seperate and identifiable.

As a rough guide use 10-20 gms fresh leafcurd per person. Try adding a small amount to start with and subsequently add more.

Fresh leafcurd freezes well but the texture becomes a little gritty and the colour a darker green.

Dried leafcurd may be sprinkled directly onto food (as can fresh leafcurd) or rehydrated and used like liquidised fresh leafcurd

A couple of recipes for you to try.

Mushroom, Coconut, Leafcurd Pilau (4 to 5 servings)

1 tsp garam masala, 3 tbsp oil
1 onion ... finely chopped, 2 garlic cloves
3 cardamon pods, 175 gms sliced mushrooms
225 gms basmati rice, 1 tsp fresh ginger ... grated
450 mls water, good pinch of salt
50 gms dessicated coconut (no added sugar)
150 gms leafcurd roughly grated
1 tblsp fresh coriander ... chopped
1 tbsp fresh basil ... chopped

Mix coconut, leafcurd and fresh herbs in small mixing bowl, cover and stand to one side. In heavy bottomed saucepan (with lid) saute onions, ginger and garlic in oil till tender. Then add mushrooms and cook for a further two to three mins. Add rice and garam masala and stir well for about one min. Carefully add water to avoid spluttering, and bring to the boil. Simmer for ten mins, and then place a lid tightly on the pan. Turn off the heat and allow to stand for a further ten minutes. Just before serving stir leafcurd and coconut mixture carefully into the pilau with a fork.

Leafcurd and Pistachio Pesto

2oz leafcurd, 2oz pistachio nuts (or cashew)
2 cloves garlic, 3 tablespoons fresh chopped basil
1/4 ltr olive oil, 1 oz parmesan seasoning (to taste)

Grind leafcurd and place in mixing bowl. Crush nuts, not too fine, and garlic and add withrest of ingredients to bowl.

Mix well:
Best eaten the following day. Will keep in a jar refrigerated for 2 weeks. (If mix is too dry, slowly add more olive oil.)