Leafu is health promoting

Leafcurd is a concentration of vital nutrients. The combination of quality protein, quality oils, vitamins and minerals can be seen in this analysis of fresh nettle leafcurd.

Apart from carbohydrate, vitamin B12 and vitamin C (which is largely broken down in the heating process) most of the major and minor nutrients we need are present, and it is this balance that makes leafcurd such a useful dietary ingredient.

Working with malnourished children and pregnant women in West Africa the aid organization ‘Enfants du Monde’ we getting almost incredible results by supplementing their high carbohydrate diets with a daily 10gm sachet of dried leafcurd.

By improving the diet we improve the immune system and this is as important in England as it is in Burkina Faso. In order to make use of nutrients there must be a balanced supply, or the complex of chemical reactions that make up bodily function cannot work properly. Disease occurs where there is imbalance.

For further information on Leafu and The Third of the World please visit www.leafforlife.org