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65% of dry leafcurd is protein. Essential animo acids make up half the amino acids in leafcurd and a profile together with a comparison to eggs is shown in this table

Essential amino acids in Leafcurd compared with eggs per 100gm protein 


Most plant carbohydrate is in the fibre which is excluded during the production process. The small amount remaining is mostly complex sugars and starches with only 0.8% simple sugars (glucose).


The omega 3 series (linolenic acids) and omega 6 series (linoleic acids) make up 30% and 10% respectively of total fatty acids. This is considered to be a good balance.


Leafcurd is a major source of vitamin A in the safe form of beta carotene. It also contains significant quantities of vitamins E, K and B9 (folic acid) as well as chlorophylls (0.1%) which give it its characteristic green colour and which some consider its most important nutritional characteristic.


Leafcurd is a major source of iron and calcium, two of our most needed minerals.
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Dried Leafu

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